Association of Danish Manufactures of Bituminous Waterproofing.

Icopal Danmark ApS
Nordic Waterproofing A/S

The purpose of the association is to unite the Danish Manufactures of Bituminous Roofing in order to take care of the members interests as a line of trade. The association can form advisory boards or committees.

Danish Roofing Advisory Board
The association supports the Danish Roofing Adivisory Board which informs the contractors, consultants and building owner about the right use of bituminous waterproofing.

The association is administrated by:
– Director Tommy Bunch-Nielsen
– Administrator Anette Clausen
– Secretary Susan Christensen

Members of the board
The board consists of
– Flemming Adolfsen – Icopal Danmark ApS
– Paul Erik Rask – Nordic Waterproofing A/S, chairman